As I sit here on a Tuesday home ill from work, I reflect on the selfcare mantra of “take some time to relax”. So often we are busy with work, home life, obligations within our community/church, and if you are a parent, your children’s schedules.

Since the new clinic opened, I have been super busy with scheduling, contracts, clients, program development and expansion opportunities. What I should have been doing is taking some time to relax. As a therapist, it is easy to miss these moments, though I prescribe them for clients.

There are fun apps available that offer relaxing and soothing music such as Nature Sounds. Closing your eyes and walking your imagination through a peaceful scene with music in the background may be worth the 10-15 minutes break. Your breathing slows down along with your heart rate, your thoughts get a reprieve from work, and your busy activity stops. Think about the music break as a computer reboot.

We all can benefit from a reboot every now and then.

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